Blue Flower


Research Supervision - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) 


Name Title Year
Abhijit Roy

Area: Open Access

[Reg. - R221901; Ongoing]

Komal Sahu

Area: LIS Education and Curriculum

[Reg. - R211902; Ongoing]


Praveen Kumar

Area: Job Satisfaction and Challenges

[Reg. - R211901; Ongoing]


NG. Thermi Moyon

Scientometric Mapping of Library and Information Science Research across the Asian Nations.

[Reg. – MZU/Ph.D./1082 of 02.05.2018; Ongoing]


Jacob MS Dawngliana

Library Professionals’ Communication over Online Forum: Content Analysis of New Millennium LIS Professionals (NMLIS).

[Reg. –MZU/Ph.D./823 of 28.10.2015; Awarded – 09.08.2018]


Nitesh Kumar Verma

Usability Analysis of Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Management Libraries’ Website: An Evaluative Study.

[Reg. – MZU/Ph.D./720 of 22.05.2015; Awarded - 20.08.2019]